NC painfully slow after install w/ data directory on custom folder

Hi everyone! I am trying to get up and running with nextcloud on docker (O.S. Windows Server 2022 Standard) but i’m encountering a problem.
If i use the standard container directory for install and data files in docker-compose, everything functions as it should. However, when i bind a directory outside the container with /var/www/html in the docker compose files, the installation is successful but NC is painfully slow: not only in transfer speeds and in the front-end loading (for example the default profile picture takes 1 min to load!!), but also the startup of NC takes approx. 5 minutes, hanging on “initializing nextcloud”, while with stock directory it’s almost istantaneous.

What can I do? It should be noted that i am running docker on Hyper-v (WSL gives me all sorts of headaches with the DNS server on port 53 for some reason). I am leaving a link to my complete docker-compose file below (copy-paste from docker official file, excluding directory and passwords).

Thank you very much for your help! Cheers