NC on a Synology DS214+

After almost a year of use I am fed up with the Synology apps and OS.
I use Nextcloud on a pi and use it more then my NAS because it is so easy.

But the NAS has 3TB data and I want to use the pi for something else.

Can I install NC on the NAS?

I have NextCloud running on my DS1515+ through Docker. In front of NextCloud I have an NginX proxy container that supports and handles LetsEncrypt for me so I don’t have to take care of that manually. It’s been running smoothly (except for some memory hiccups) for about a year now.

that sounds pretty sweet.
But it seems that virtualization is not supported on the DS214+…

Ok, I have changed plans.

I installed Nextcloud on my shared hosting at a hosting provider (That installation procedure is amazingly easy!)

Now it would be cool if I can mount the Synology as external storage in my hosted NC instance. How can I do this best?

Shall I open a new thread, or can I add this here?