NC Multiple Instances | What Kind of Setup?


We are thinking to deploying a Server with several NextCloud Instances.

With all the Info that we found, we are not yet sure how exactly to do it.

We have the next question: What do you think is better for a Next Cloud Installation with several Instances:

  • Multiple Instances with Docker. (Proxy Instanz and then NextCloud, MariaDB and Redis Instances for every Organisation)
  • Or just installing a LAMP and then making a vHost FIle, for every Organisation + Database

How would be the Performace better? An what Kind of Installation would be more tricky? :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!


I’m running 2 NC instances (app+db+redis) on docker behind shared infra including traefik reverse proxy, coturn, collabora and restic backup containers. It looks like it gives you good separation and easy setup. Backup is little challenging (running DB backup through docker socket - here I’m looking for other solutions)