NC Media server for my PS3


Have my own NC26/Ubuntu20/Mysql8/Php8-0/Nginx running on my in home server

Is there a way I can use my NC installation to run as a media server that my PS3 can recognize?

I can’t seem to find any resolution on my internet searches

I cannot manually type in the internal IP of NC into the PS3


Easiest way for you to playback media/photos/movies is to run Kodi app on your Playstation 3.
It can playback from Nextcloud over all available protocols on your local network.

Installing Kodi is outside of this forum’s support, but once you figure it out you’ll be able to access your Nextcloud mount points on the network. Good luck! :pray:

I use Kodi to access Nextcloud media via WebDAV from a computer. Works quite well.

I used to use but like posted above moved on to kodi ( android tv-box )

Thank you Guys

I learned a whole bunch about my PS3 last night, and jailbreaking it

Just gave this old machine new life, LOLOL