NC is inexplicably slow

Since last week my NC is really really slow: more than a minute for each request, at best, many requests timeout.
The server is at 99.9% idle, RAM is 99% free, swapiness down to 10% ; I’m the only user on the server. I even disabled the higher C-states of the CPU.
When I’m browsing the file, sometimes the request is normal (less than 2 seconds), but most of the time is more than a minute.
I can’t see anything relevant in the log.
I’ve added Redis as documented, but no change.

I’m clueless… any idea?

Thanks in advance


NC 20.0.1 with the apache docker image ; Debian 10, docker 19.03.13

As a test, I’ve added a new IP to the machine without adding it to the authorized list, and the request answers immediately. When I add the IP to the authorized list, the requests answer after a looong time.

I bet you need to disable collabora.