NC-Info: ports closed

NCP v1.47.2
The ports are shown closed but are open and working has expected.

I created an issue on github

Thanks for opening an issue.
My instance shows the same behaviour.

In my case, they are closed and I am unable to access my instance from outside, and this causes me many problems.
How can I go back to version 1.47?

As far as I can see it is only an display issue.
Not a functional issue. If you can’t access your nextcloud from the outside. There could also be a further thing in your instance.
Can you check with another service if it shows the same behaviour?

I have already tested it well In my case they are well closed. and I have not changed anything in my configuration
How please can I reactivate the ports again?

i have the same problem since 1.47.x (Raspi image, debian 10). shows 80,443 as open.

NCP Dashboard shows them as closed.

Depends in your configuration. Check your router first. Or any kind of firewall you use.

I found the problem, my provider cut the ipv4 without warning me.