NC (Docker) on Rock64 fais to start completly


I am a little bit to Docker, but I installed Docker (debian strech) on a Rock64 sucessfully. Some other Container runs perfectly.

Now I installed “ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-armhf:latest” and the container , but not all services starts sucessfully.

NextCloudPi version v0.56.16
NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_05-30-18
distribution Debian GNU/Linux 9 \n \l
USB devices sda sdb
datadir (doesn’t exist)
rootfs usage 18G/58G
swapfile none
Nextcloud check ok
Nextcloud version
HTTPD service up
PHP service up
MariaDB service down
Redis service down
Postfix service down
internet check ok
port check 80 closed
port check 443 closed
interface eth0
certificates none
NAT loopback no
uptime 1day

The log does not show an error.

Any help.

Thank you


how did you run it?