NC desktop client

I am new at NextCloud.
I installed the NextCloud Desktop Client, but when I tried to connect to my NextCloud-instance, an error was displayed:
(I try to translate it into English; sorry if I don’t use the right words):
Cannot connect to NextCloud on
Error transferring - server replied: Not Found

Why do I see here OwnCloud instead of NextCloud?
How do I solve this problem?


Where do you run the client software PC or Apple
Users on apple must be use owncloud client software
You’re running on the same network or outside?

I am running the software on a Windows 10 PC
What do you mean by “the same network or outside”?
I am running NextCloud onto a VPS.

Open your config.php for your Nextcloud installation. You should have a trusted_domains line. Mine is

Next click on the NextCloud app in the system tray of your Windows 10 computer. The first tab will have your account information. What is the URL there?

I could be wrong but in my system, the URL in trusted_domains and the URL that my client is connected to is the same.

Can you browse to that URL with a web browser and does it work?

This is a pretty good troubleshooting URL -