NC Desktop Client only in english after Update to 3.4.1

Linux Desktop Client 3.4.1 is set to english after update from 3.4.0.

My Repo is
deb focal main

I am using ZorinOS 16 that is based on ubuntu 20.04.x

After update there are sync errors in activity log either after this update.

Any ideas how to set the client back to german language? Any language files missing.

Sure that does not declare the synmc errors but i got rid of the errors (concerning wrong time stamps) by copying the concerned files to another location and copy back the files to it’s source folders.
After a new sync the errors are gone for the moment.

Thx for ideas

my apt-get install nextcloud-client* says

nextcloud-client-l10n ist schon die neueste Version (3.4.1-20211227.062515.fa32c1001-1.0~focal1)