NC correction of installtion

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: Ubuntu Server 16
Apache or nginx version:
PHP version: 7.2.18


after installing NC and working over a year, I adding OCR and want to sync my pictures in the gallery with smartphone and other devices.

Installation was with SNAP

My problems:

  1. I add external storage. All files in the cmd of ubuntu are root:root … only with this I can access in nextcloud and samba. Is this correct? Or did I have a wrong permission setting somewhere?

  2. I add Tesseract with this instructions: and this was without errors … but when I start with sudo nextcloud.occ fulltextsearch:index -r itΒ΄s running for a while and it seems always stop working on a special pdf with the error:
    β”Œβ”€ Indexing ────
    β”‚ Action: fillDocument
    β”‚ Provider: Files Account: hhe
    β”‚ Document: 415
    β”‚ Info: application/pdf
    β”‚ Title: Files/CNC/Daewoo Scharniere/Daewoo Scharniere Zeichnung v1.pdf
    β”‚ Content size:
    β”‚ Progress: 205/145475
    β”Œβ”€ Results ────
    β”‚ Result: 0/0
    β”‚ Index:
    β”‚ Status:
    β”‚ Message:
    β”Œβ”€ Errors ────
    β”‚ Error: 424/424
    β”‚ Index: files:83338
    β”‚ Exception: Elasticsearch\Common\Exceptions\Forbidden403Exception
    β”‚ Message: blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)];

  3. IΒ΄m not sure if all backgroundjobs are running. On the website is for background β€œcron” and show me last running 14minutes ago … but canΒ΄t find any info in a log

  4. I want to generate all preview images for one external storage/drive … is this possible? When I open the webview of the gallery, he already should have all preview thumbs

Thank you so far for your help!

not use to deal with snap but:

Q1: clearly a ownerships/right problem. root:root seem bad for an external storage !!!
Usually nextcloud storage is more like www-data:www-data and file perm like 770 or different depending on your security strategy

Q2/3: sorry, cant help.

Q4: occ preview:generate-all should do the trick if external storage is set properly

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Thank you … I guess I switch from SNAP to server … then I can configure also the indexing OCR … as far I read in the net, OCR and indexing are not working with the current SNAP.

Thank you!