NC consume all memory on Qnap server!


Could you pls assist me. I installed on my server QNAP the NC, but after half an hour using (just cliking and checking something) it is consuming all available memory.
RAM: Total: 15,6 GB - Current usage: 10,4 GB (if use it more will consume 14,5GB )
And will help only full restart it. How to limited it? And what normal consuption should be?

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: linux on QNAP NAS
Apache 2.4.39
PHP version 7.2.18

I’ve the exactly th same problems.
I restart my nextcloud each day :frowning:

And the server crashes or gets slow? Or what exactly is the problem? Linux-based OS tend to use a lot of RAM to run the system faster: