NC Conference, thank you!

As a first-time attendee to the NC conference, I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who made it happen, in particular:

@jospoortvliet for keeping everyone happy and organised
@NinaNC for doing all the work to make it look like Jos was keeping everyone happy and organised (:wink:)

The lightning talks were interesting, the sessions looked great, the environment was laid back and friendly and the food wasn’t bad either! :slight_smile:

In addition, the video team were on point this year; compared to the first conference (where all I had were the videos to watch after) it’s literally night and day - they’re fast to get it up and running too! Check out the Enterprise day playlist:

It was great to meet people in the flesh and thank you to everyone who turned up to make it a success!


I’m very flattered :stuck_out_tongue: I had a great time with all of you and even if I’m completely dead, I look forward to do this again next year… Cheers everyone <33