NC client works on old mac, but not on new mac

So I have NC14 running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. And on my Mac, I have the 2.3.3 Client installed and running fine. I have a new Mac running Mojave, and I cannot get the Client (version 2.6.4stable) to sync with the NC server.

=> With the 2.6.4 client on my new Mac, the Nextcloud Connection Wizard gives me a screen to login to my existing Nextcloud server. It asks for my Server Address, which is same as I use for web access as well as same as is found in the settings of my old Mac Client. When I clink Next though it looks like it is going to connect, but then stops. It has a blue bar across the top of the next window, but nothing more. It is not frozen, as I can click the <- Back button and go back to the last screen…

  • I am able to connect both the old and new laptops to NC via the standard web interface.
  • I’m sure I am using the right server address when prompted in the Client “Nextcloud Connection Wizard”.
  • On the both laptops, I can authenticate via WebDav - I get the credentials prompt, and when I enter credentials, the web pages comes back saying “This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.”

Any ideas what to try next?

I was going to download the old 2.3.3 Client, but don’t think I can manage to build the source code. Not something I have any experience doing and presume it will create more variables/issues rather than help.

Not sure what else to try…


Huh,… So out of curiosity I went to the OwnCloud site, downloaded their OSX Client v2.6.1 and installed it. Fired it up and it immediately connected to the NC Server… Synchronizing away.

Something is apparently broken in the NC Client v 2.6.4 for OSX.

=> Is it ‘safe’ the use the OwnCloud Client with NextCloud Server in an ongoing basis?

My intent is to redeploy the latest stable version of NextCloud on OMV using Docker containers, then synchronize my content back… (I am the only user at this point.)


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