NC Client reads whole file before uploading


I’m running a personal Nextcloud server (v25.0.1) via Docker on an Ubuntu Server 22.04.01, with Nginx as reverse proxy.

I’ve made all amends in regards to PHP timers and max file sizes for both NC and Nginx configs and everything runs mostly smooth.

I’ve synced 400GB of data of mostly small-ish files (1-100MB) but I have some larger files (5-50GB) that have a strange behaviour.
They eventually sync up fine, but I’ve noticed that the client (v3.6.2) waits to start uploading them until they’re fully read (not sure if by the client itself though), see attachment:

  • the client reports the file “waiting” to be upload 0B of xx
  • Windows task manager shows the drive where the file is (D:) with read activity (the file is already fully copied into the NC folder)

If instead I try to upload them via the web UI, they start uploading right away.

What would be causing this behaviour? Is it expected?

Many thanks!


I’ve googled extensively, but I couldn’t fid anything related

Many thanks!

Did you find anything out about this?