NC-Client does weird things, when saving a file locally

Since the update to client Version 3.7 we got a little problem with file-saving.
For Context: We run a audio-studio and as a daily user of producing-software we are instinctivly saving our progress once in a while. CMD+S has become a natural movement, and it’s hardwritten.

Unfortunatley since the 3.7 Update our DAW tells us, that the project-file (session-file) has changed every time we save.

Since we could bash ENTER to quickly accept the unneccessary complicated dialog, it wasn’t as bad, but in the last update our DAW changed the default answer for overwriteing from yes to no. So… no more bashing.

Now I would really like to understand why the DAW thinks that the project-file has changed. And why it doesnt with a client version 3.6?

Many thanks

Who or what is DAW?

That the project file changes when you save the project, is that be expected? Normally the Nextcloud client should pick up that change and update the file on the server (without another change to the local file on your computer).

Since you know that 3.7 brought the changes, here is a changelog:

and logfiles can be interesting, in case there is a reading conflict or something:

If you save and close the software, do you have this issue as well, or just when the software remains open?