NC calendar don't show up in Android Calendar

Hi there, i have problem display my NC account in the default Android Calendar App.
I follow all the steps:

  • Nextcloud Android App 3.9.0 - i don’t see any calendar in here

  • DAVx5 Andoird App - i connect with my NC email account (via NC app) and can see Nextcloud calendar tasks sync from my nextcloud cloud calendar.

  • I go to Calendar app in Android. I can see my gmail account there, i can’t see any other account nor i can add any.

I use android 9

not sure which other info is relevant…

I read all the documentation, topics, SO questions, … that i could find about it but i can’t figured out what i am missing.
Any help would be really appreciate :pray:

You’re on the right track, using DAVx5 is the correct way to go. You find the DAVx5 forum here and here you find the DAVx5 manual which explains how to use it.

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thank you for the links, i didn’t find those before. I will read them.

But i’m not so sure my problem is in davCal, because there i can see my tasks sync with my nextcloud server. Shouldn’t this means that the Nextcloud calendar is working properly?
For little more clarity, i did the same steps that are described here:

Also i don’t understand if i should see a calendar in nextcloud android app(as part of the main menu, like files/gallery/calendar) or is not suppose to be displayed in davCal (and as new account to add to google calendar).

No, you won’t see any calendar in the Nextcloud app. It only contains a function to configure DAVx5 as sync client for calendar, tasks and contacts.

DAVx5 works very well and if you can see tasks, e.g. in the Opentask app the data should already be on your device and in the right database. In DAVx5 you have to tick the calendars which you want to sync and then they should be displayed correctly.

Due to the fact that there are some traps, depending on which phone brand or Android version you are using, I’ve pointed you to the DAVx5 forum.

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Thank you very much @j-ed ! this clarify and help a lot!

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