NC better with OPcache or Litespeed Cache? Possible to get rid of OPcache warning?

I have installed NC on a web hosting, and have only encountered one problem: I cannot get rid of the “The PHP OPcache is not properly configured.” error message.

My provider would need to make the according settings as writing the OPcache-related code from the NC docs to a local php.ini or .htaccess has no effect.

However, I was told that OPcache does not make any sense in conjunction with SuPHP. Furthermore, the internally used Litespeed Cache is supposed to be faster than OPcache anyway.

Since I have no experience or specific knowledge about the different caching options, I was wondering whether this was true (or sensible). What is your opinion?

If Litespeed Cache is indeed the better option compared to OPcache and it would not make sense to pursue proper configuration of OPcache, is there a way to rectify the error message above (i.e. convince NC that there is a good caching solution in place already)?

Thanks for your input!

Please note that litespeed is not supported officially. Some have used it

but there are no regular checks, if new versions or other changes work properly. Mostly the user base is small so sharing experiences is kind of difficult. I don’t want to discourage you, apache was the only supported webserver and due to the wide-spread usage and support by the community it is now very well supported. However, litespeed has a proprietary license …