NC beta not uploading photos/videos


I had to uninstall the beta.

It’s been uploading files from my phone all day, and when I checked earlier I noticed it’s looping on the same files so there are 10s of duplicates of every photo.

I tried to clear data, wouldn’t stop uploading, I reinstalled the app and it started uploading immediately again. It’s unusable in conjunction with the error that blocks access to seeing what’s being uploaded.

@Andy @mario this is definitely progress, but I have no idea what on earth is going on.

Thanks. I have found the bug, now only need to find the solution :slight_smile:

Have installed beta 20170204 and upload works,
but now all my photos was upload to nextcloud,
not only the selected Folders at Auto-Upload,
the upload has been running since 12 o’clock :frowning:

Excellent! :slight_smile:

So out of interest @mario, how does this new implementation work? I’ve got enough understanding of the Android internals to follow along.

Furthermore does your implementation open the possibility of two-way sync and bulk upload in sorted into year/month as it does currently for new uploads?

Finally do you have any plans for addressing the automatic duplication of already existing files? I’d love to see a prompt asking to overwrite or skip on image uploads that already exist, rather than appending (1) to each file that’s duplicated. The 4,000 duplicates I’ll have to do something with following yesterday’s all-day upload session is a great example of why it would be very handy.

Jason, my apologies for the duplication yesterday - bugs, bugs and bugs :slight_smile:

Since inotify and FileObserver (used by Auto Upload so far) are problematic on a large majority of mainstream devices, my implementation takes a more simplistic approach - I do a directory diff between each runs, and issue the appropriate events which are then acted upon, all that paired with FS state persistance so multiple events
of the same kind aren’t issued (looks a bit problematic sometimes, but works in 95% of my tests so far).
This should work on every phone out there.

My goal is first to fix and clean up existing implementation with features as-is, and then I can and
WILL move to a real two-way sync where possible.

Can you clarify the bulk upload request please?
Pick a folder to upload, and it creates the appropriate dated directories on NC server, and uploads files to them?

And yes, I do have plans for addressing the automatic duplication, but would appreciate an issue for that one as well.

All of those can be assigned to me.

So the gist of this all is:
a) Please open issues
b) Yes, I plan to do everything you asked
c) Hopefully I’ll have time to port Auto Upload to Android 4 as well
d) All your requests will be done after the current Auto Upload works for majority of users, which hopefully, will be soon :slight_smile:

If I didn’t answer something properly, please let me know and I’ll try my best! :slight_smile:

This is how Google Photos, Dropbox et al do it, right? Or do they get access to something else?
So with your implementation you can find all folders on internal/external storage with pictures and list them within the app to be uploaded or not. That’s nice.


A few of these requests are issues already I believe. If I find them again I’ll ping you.

@Andy do you recall the issue mentioning two-way sync? I don’t want to duplicate by creating another but I don’t see it.

The theory is that they use inotify on mobile as well, yes - in practice, I honestly doubt it. The reason is simple - it’s broken, and implementations vary wildly between vendors. On Samsung phones, for instance, you can only get a notification when file is read or closed (but without writing!), and that’s pretty much it.

Desktop is different. inotify works like a charm there.

We currently only show media folders, but my implementation should allow us to add custom folders as well. Ah, the future. :slight_smile:


All things auto upload, like two way sync are layed out in #285

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Hi Andy,
what do you mean “…are layed out in #285”?
where can i find this?

On github, under issues.

okay, i understand, but must i write there?

Have yesterday installed the version 20170214.

But I still have the problem, all images are uploaded completely, not just the folder which was selected for the upload.
Think this is not right, or?
Will there be any change?

THANK :slight_smile:

There’s lots of change ongoing. Go over to GitHub and look for the ongoing issues being fixed. If you feel you need to, create a new one.

You can also comment here with your device, os version, and build number with an outline of the issue before 1.4.2 drops: