NC-Backup issue

Hey folks,
So I am up and running (nextcloudpi script from a stock debian buster raspberry pi image) and all is well. I did a nc-export and nc-backup (with data) to a usb drive and then restored with no issues all went well.

I am trying to use a NFS share as the location for my backups so I can keep more backups and for a longer time. It goes through the process and takes about how long I would expect to create the backup archive but fails at the end with this line

chown: changing group of '/media/pi/nextcloud-bkp_20210224_1614176209.tar.gz': Operation not permitted

I assume this is an issue with how i have mounted the NFS share or is it just NFS does not work with nc-backup? I had the same issue when trying to backup to a USB stick prior to realizing Fat32 is not a recognized file system so i am wondering if NFS is just not an option?

My alternative will be to write a systemd script to just move them periodically off the thumb stick to the NFS share but if nextcloudpi can do it for me that would be ideal.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Added info, the nc-export works and creates a file making me wonder if its a file size issue with NFS or nextcloudpi settings?