NC and Shorten app

Hey fellas,

I was just wondering if anyone is using the Shorten app?
As the app is in the AppStore, and its kinda not working for me, just wondering if I am doing something wrong.

I tried like everything, as per tutorial, internal, and even with my own hosted YOURLS.

Nothings working. Do I need to restart the server after I input my Links and API keys or what :D?

If the App isnt valid, shouldnt it be removed from the store or put to Experimental?

Thank you :wink:

Kinda nobody :D? Well… still trying to make it work and nothing… ;(

Hi Mario,

Sorry for the late response. I think you are talking about Shorten an app provided in the ownCloud appstore ( … The development of this app is taking place here:

May I ask you to provide your bug report or your issue there in the GitHub repository. This is not related to Nextcloud (…and even not tested) :wink: Unfortunately the developer seems to be not part of this forum, so I am not able to ping him here :grin:



But maybe this helps:

Man, you rock! Thanks… much appreciated!