NC addressbook as phonebook on Cisco phones

Hi all,

somewhen in 2014 - while still using OC - I coded a quick and dirty PHP script which would display a user’s addressbook as phonebook on Cisco IP phones. Emphasis on quick and dirty - it accessed the DB directly… But it worked fine.
Now, PHP has changed has quite a bit since 2014 and the script doesn’t work anymore. I also haven’t kept up with PHP changes as I never really was a PHP developer.
I was wondering if anybody here would be interested to have a look at the code and maybe help getting it working again as a first step. A future goal could be to integrate it into NC, either as separate app or as part of the addressbook app.

I pushed my old code to Github, in case somebody finds the idea interesting:


I’m personally not using a Cisco phone but exporting my data to a Fritzbox internet router.
The tool I’m using for it is CardDAV2FB. It should be possible to customize it for your needs with minimum effort. In general it is independent from ownCloud/Nextcloud and can be used to fetch data from all kind of CardDAV servers.

Thanks for the idea but it doesn’t work like that :). Cisco phones get their phonebook from a webserver which replies with XML. To use any carddav export tool, there would still the requirement for some webapp which would deliver the XML and also handles search requests and so on.
Besides, Cisco VOIP solutions are pretty wide spread in enterprise environments, so it would definitely be a plus for NC to have that capability.