NC 9.0.53 to 12

Hello All. Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I did search. We have a production 9.0.53 server working great for about 20 sync clients. We want to get it to the latest. Is it wise to go from 9.0.53 to an earlier version first and work our way up to 12? Also would it be recommended to do this via the updater.phar file or manually via command line?

Thanks again for all the help. Wonderful product.


You can do manual upgrades from your current setup to the latest NC 9 version (, then to the latest NC 10 version ( …, manual updates also worked quite good in old owncloud days.

Regarding the new updater app, the latest updates seem to be quite good but I’m not sure if all these improvements were backported to NC 9. If you can, do the manual upgrades, they don’t take this long and once you figured it out, you can upgrade through to NC 11 or NC 12. For the very latest version check first if all your important apps are already available. In a few days (normally next week), there is the 12.0.1 release which fixes a few issues with NC 12.

I tried the updater.phar-update (via terminal) for NC 11 to NC 12 and it worked quite good. I’ll probably use this for future updates.

Thanks very much for your input. This worked perfectly.