NC 28 Has Broken a Few Things

Last night the stable channel advertised version 28 of Nextcloud, so I hopped on and updated.

OS: Debian 12
Nextcloud Version:
Method of Install: Manual setup with Apache, PHP and MariaDB/MySQL provided by Debian.

  1. Some files uploaded from the mobile app this morning (videos of my kid’s Christmas play), some of them didn’t. They offered three different errors:
  • Something about failed to secure folder lock
  • Server is in maintenance mode (It wasn’t)
  • Unknown error
    I was able to manually copy those files over to my laptop where the desktop client synced them without any issues.
  1. During my troubleshooting of issue number 1, when I tried to move a file with the web interface, it would move properly, but I would also get a warning message that said something like, “Cancelled one or more move/copy operations”, even though the operation would complete successfully.

  2. The “actions to apply to all files” little ellipses option is gone. Normally what I’ll do after an event with the kids is I’ll go to my InstantUpload folder, click the first image/video, then scroll down and find the last one and shift click it to check every file taken during that block of time. Shift clicking appears to no longer work properly. Also, when selecting multiple files, there used to be an ellipses button labeled something like “Actions for all selected files”. One of the options there was “Move”, so I could select all the images and videos taken during a certain event, click the ellipses and then click “Move” and move them all into a more permanent album folder, all at one time with just a couple of clicks. This ellipses menu seems to have been removed and replaced with just three dedicated buttons that weren’t there before:

  • Add to favorites
  • Download
  • Delete
  1. I’m not longer getting the green check, and instead have a yellow warning message telling me of 300 errors in my log within a certain period of time. When I look at the log, this error labeled as “Fatal” appears to be my most common one that occurs pretty regularly, but it doesn’t seem to reference any files, issues with the database or even any of the “apps” I have installed, so it seems to be an issue with the Nextcloud software itself.

Here’s the error:

[no app in context] Fatal: Could not boot metadata: Call to undefined method OC\Server::getEventDispatcher()
	GET /index.php/apps/logreader/api/poll?lastReqId=jrkUXvS6rIp73nwt1X4S
	from by gerowen at Dec 13, 2023, 12:20:48 PM
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I think I’ve figured it out. I misunderstood the line “Could not boot metadata” as some kind of issue reading the metadata of a file, when in actuality, the issue was the the “app” called metadata that I had installed conflicting with the Nextcloud 28 update.

Other apps like “Music” “Retention” and a few others also had errors listed in the log, so I’ve disabled those for the time being. Of all the ones I disabled because of errors, “Retention” is the one I’m most hooked on. It seemed to be working fine because I got my usual email this morning telling me what files were getting deleted, but I use it to auto delete the automatic backups of my phone and such once they reach a certain age.

Anyway, the issues in my log file seemed to originate from apps that don’t officially work with NC 28 yet. Problem solved, kinda.


Totally agree. I regret upgrading at this time. Should have waited until 28.0.1.
Especially #3. The bulk file “Copy/Move” option is the biggest problem for me. I have all my photos auto upload from my phone into a single folder and then using web interface I organize and move them to dedicated categorized folders. I can no longer do that, because when I select multiple files, the only options I see is “Add To Favorite, Download and Delete”. Why, only those three? I hope it is a bug and will be fixed in the next version.
#4 is also annoying. What is the point of showing this “warning” message if there is nothing you can do to fix it.

Same here, no green check, but a simple warning that I have 879 errors in the logs since December 13, 2023. I have addressed all issues, with no new issues since Dec 18, but still no green check as mentioned. Dare not clear the log manually, but it would be nice to have a button to do that safely. All but 13 of these errors had to do with my trials and tribulations of getting Redis properly installed and configured for my NC instance.

There is a feature request for the ability to acknowledge logged errors on Github: Ability to acknowledge logged errors in security and setup alerts - Issue #42383 - nextcloud/server - GitHub. Perhaps you can contribute something constructive, such as ideas on how to best to implement such a feature.

Other than that, I guess you just have to live with the warnings for now, and I don’t know, maybe picture the green checkmark in your imagination. :wink:

…or maybe you can set up a daily log rotation on your system to get rid of the warnings sooner. :man_shrugging:

Installed latest upgrade 28.0.1 and it brought back bulk Copy/Move functionality. The rest of issues described above is non-essential to me. Thank you NC team. Great job.

Yep, got the notification and upgraded a little earlier and I got my bulk move/copy option back, :slight_smile:

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