NC 28.0.0 - Regression on Files app french localization

Hi everybody,

Upgrading today from NC 27.1.4 to NC 28.0.0, i noticed that “New” button was now incorrectly translated/displayed. “Nou” is displayed instead of “Nouveau”.

NC 27.1.4

NC 28.0.0

When I inspect the page, I see that “Nou” is used.

<span data-v-8f4e0666="" class="button-vue__text">Nou</span>

System :

  • Nextcloud version: 28.0.0
  • Operating system and version: Debian 12.4
  • Apache version: 2.4.57
  • PHP version: 8.2.7

Waiting for a fix, can i edit some file so fix this bad localization by my self ?

Best regardS.


Still no anwser or help from the community.
I made a fresh install re-downloading source ( and the issue remains.

It’s very sad as this wrong display appears at the top of the most used page of NextCloud :frowning:

Finally I donwgraded my installation to NC 27.1.5.
I hope that NC is aware of this regression and will fix it in the next release.

@rakekniven How can I find this string? I can see this issue on my setup as well, but if I go through all the fr.js and fr.json files and search for the New translation, I get this:

./apps/bookmarks/l10n/fr.js: “New” : “Créer”,
./apps/files/l10n/fr.js: “New” : “Nouveau”,
./core/l10n/fr.js: “new” : "nouveau ",

But nothing just with “Nou” translated…

Don’t you think you’re being overly dramatic about this purely cosmetic issue that doesn’t affect any functionality? :wink:

I switched the language to French on my test instance (28.0.1 RC1) and the button appears correctly.

So if you ask me, there are two possibilities of what could have happened:

  1. It was actually a bug in Nextcloud 28.0.0, which has now been fixed in 28.0.1 RC1, although according to tflidd’s post I think this is rather unlikely.

  2. It was some sort of caching issue in your browser, which seems much more likely.

I have it in the 28.0.0 version as well, I switched to Spanish and had a longer string, then I switched back and still there was the problem. Possibly the translation (or something else) was fixed.

However, I wasn’t able to find this string.

For such reasons, we ask people to test the release candidates to spot issues and report them before a release.

Maybe some CSS issue. Button to small and the text gets cut off…? But I’m not an expert.

Either way, it seems to be fixed in 28.0.1 RC1. :slight_smile:

Found the string. It is part of the project “Nextcloud upload library”.
It has been modified/corrected 11 days ago.



It was not my intention to be dramatic. I 'm not a native english speaker, so, sometimes I don’t use the right expression in the right context :wink:

Just for my understanding, Nextcloud File app do not use directly fr.js et fr.json files but others resources ? I ask this question because both file had correct translation (New => Nouveau) and I cleared cache & co many times.

Thank you.

Neither am I, so I’m sorry I called you out on it, even if it wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously. :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly what’s causing this, but I checked on a Nextcloud 28.0.0 instance in the meantime and found the bug there as well. So it is definitely a bug in 28.0.0, but should be fixed in 28.0.1.


Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-12-18 14-21-24

28.0.1 RC1

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-12-18 14-22-15

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Our translation expert found the string:

For me it’s not obvious either how to find the string, but for such things you can ask for help in the forum. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the translation category, so it took a bit longer to spot your post.

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