NC 25.0.x don't show my collaborative tags used to defined access rules

I am using files_accesscontrol and administrate this under flow → files access rules

For some rules i am using system wide defined collaborative tags.
Under 25.0.2 and 25.0.3 as well i saw that editing my existing rules do not show my configured (choosen collaborative tags).

I see that rules depend on col. tags but the editor doesn’t show the selected ones any longer.

Seems to be a bug of the trigger that opens an array of possible tags (max 5 tags - more than 5 = game over)

With that i can’t edit my flow / files_accesscontrol any longer in a comfortable way.

example here:

Same problem here.
Using NC 25.0.3
Even after deleting Tags, so that only 4 are left, it is broken. After saving a flow (with Tag), the Tag in the “if” section, reloading the site, the tag has disappeared.