NC update after login page error

After I updated the NC24 to NC25 the login page has error with "Log in to {poductName}"
That would be correct: “Log in to Nextcloud”
I realized that this error appears with Hungary language OS (browser) . If I change the OS language to english the “{poductName}” disappears and correctly appears Log in to Nextcloud.
What is the solution?

Could be related to this: [Bug]: Name in Theme: tick/quote is incorrectly escaped to HTML code · Issue #34990 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

I would recommend to upgrade your instance to 25.0.1 and If the issue is still present after that, file a new bug report…

I also updated to 25.0.1 but I get the same error.

The actual fix got merged 5 days ago Fix rendering of login headline by Pytal · Pull Request #35014 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

So if this actually is the bug that causes your issue, then you probably have to wait for the upgrade to 25.0.2, in order to receive the fix…

This translation issue has been fixed at Transifex on the 21th of October 2022.


Not sure why this is not part of v25.0.1

EDIT: Just removed the colon.

I have the same situation…

I have the same problem. In the Hebrew language. If I try with the browser in English then it works.
what to do?
Nextcloud 25.0.5

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