NC 24.0.4 Open Updater button targets NC Dashboard

Nextcloud version: 24.0.4
Operating system and version: Pi OS Lite 64bit
Apache or nginx version: CasaOS v0.3.6
PHP version: CasaOS v0.3.6

The issue you are facing:
NextCloud fails to update from version 24.0.4 to version 24.0.5. Pressing the on the BLUE “Open Updater” button directs me to NC Dashboard and does not invoke the Updater application.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Yes
The problem did not exist when I was using SqLite database.
But appeared after I re-installed from scratch the NextCloud app using a MySql Maria database. I made the database change because Nextcloud displayed a warning recommending i change to MySQL which is more robust compared to SqLite.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Go to Administration → Overview → Open Updater button
  2. Click on BLUE button
  3. My webpage changes to NC Dashboard and does not invoke the Updater app.
  4. Therefore, it fails to update from version 24.0.4 to version 24.0.5

Since my config.php file contains sensitive information in its place I am providing my Nextcloud Volumes configuration shown below:

			Host						Container
/mnt/SSD/Configs/NextCloud/WWW		    /var/www/html
/mnt/SSD/Configs/NextCloud/Config		/var/www/html/config
/mnt/SSD/Configs/NextCloud/Apps		    /var/www/html/custom_apps
/mnt/SSD/Configs/NextCloud/Data		    /var/www/html/data

I am running CasaOS v0.3.6 on top of the a 64bit Lite Pi OS on a Raspberry Pi 8GB motherboard. The CasaOS is installed on a 125 GB MicroSD card. I manually installed Nextcloud v24.0.4 from within CasaOS. My Nextcloud data is configured to house my music collection on a separate 2TB SSD drive which is connected to my Raspberry Pi motherboard with a USB adapter.
My Nextcloud URL is 192.###.#.###: 8181. This problem did not exist when I was running the same hardware and software using SqLite. It is only after I changed to YobaSystem Maria MySQL did this problem appear.

Below are the top three posts I referred to and proved to be no help to me in fixing this problem:

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Second Post with Same Problem

How to run updater in terminal

I kindly request any tips that can help me pinpoint what the problem is with my NextCloud installation which is refusing to update using the “Open Updater” button. It fails to open the Updater app and instead takes me to the NC dashboard. I need somebody in the community to confirm if the solution to this problem requires I edit the “updater.phar” system file? If this is not the answer please share any other tips because I have hit a brick wall regarding this problem.

YobaSystem Maria MySQL install instructions I followed

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I have the same problem, but it showed up the first time when updating from 25.0.0 beta 5 to beta 6. It still happens with beta 7. I could circumvent the problem by updating manually.

Eehmke, thnx for your post. Can you or anybody in the community please share the Sudo command that follows the RasPi OS terminal command line that looks like this:


(My reasoning is something close to a “sudo update nextcloud” command needs to be used).

In short, what is the correct Sudo command i can use which will update my NxtCloud to the newest stable update release? Does anybody have any helpful links on how to perform a manual update? I am new at nextcloud tinkering. Therefore, i would like to work with a solution that does not involve a high degree of complexity. Thank you for your time.