NC 24.0.1 Text Editor Bug

I understand NC has upgraded the text editor and I love the new features like tables, etc. But, it also broke something useful. When creating a new folder, at the top it says “Add notes, lists or links…” Prior to NC 24, this is a clickable area and clicking on the area where is says “Add notes, lists or links…” would automatically create a file and put it into edit mode so notes could be added right there without having to manually create a file for each folder. I’ve noticed it’s an obscure bug and why it may have escaped dev tests. The first time I click in this area it works perfectly. However, on subsequent new folders the area becomes “non clickable” and to work around it I have to manually tap the + sign to create new text file and create the manually. This opens it, upon closing it the area in the folder is editable again.

Interesting, i can reproduce this. The best thing to do is to create a bug report here.

Done. Thank you.

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I noticed nobody is assigned to this bug. When will there be forward movement on this? Thanks