NC 22.2.1: Contacts App Update to 4.0.6

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today I updated my Instance from 22.2.0 to 22.2.1. The update went through (Web-Based Updater) without errors and it seems to be running fine. Just: In the Web-Frontend the Contacts App does only show a white screen. Accessing Contacts via Thunderbird and Phone (CardDAV / WebDAV) works fine.

Contacts is on version 4.0.4 and that seems to be a known issue as there is a version 4.0.6 in the App-Store that says: “Missing frontend build artifacts”. Seems to be dealing with the issue.

Unfortunately, that update has been around for a week by now, but my instance does not offer it for installation. Even running the occ-command does not pull that update as you can see from the screenshots.

How can I force my instance to pull Contacts 4.0.6 from the App-Store?

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 22.2.1
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): OpenSuse Leap 15.3
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): nginx
PHP version (eg, 7.4): 7.4

Background Jobs are configured via cron and running every 5 minutes. Also - like yesterday - I get notified in the admin panel when new versions of Nextcloud are available. Usually also for Apps.

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App version in the App-List in my instance.

Contacts App in the AppStore.

Output of OCC-Update

Hello all.
This topic is something I would like to resolve urgently. Any hints or ideas around?

I dunno if this would solve your problem… but v22.2.1 was announced to be faulty. There should be a new version 22.2.2 waiting for you.
Just to be on the safe side… pls update again… and then let’s see what’s going on from there.


I experience the same problem on Nextcloud 22.2.2 (upgraded from 22.2.1). I could not find documentation on how to force the Contacts app to be pulled from an up-to-date version.

I have two instances running, one of them is properly updated to Contacts 4.0.6, and the other one is stuck on Contacts 4.0.4, which is not shown as updatable. “sudo -u www-data php occ app:update contacts” does nothing. All the other apps look up-to-date.

OS: Debian 10
Apache: 2.4.38
PHP: 7.3.31

Thanks for all the work, as I upgraded from owncloud then nextcloud continuously since 2011 on this installation without ever losing a single file.

Updated to 22.2.2 yesterday evening. No change. Still on Contacts 4.0.4.
No update found or pulled.

This is crazy. My instance just offered the Notes-Update. So Updates in general is working. But Contacts still sits there on 4.0.4. Ridiculous.

Exact same thing here, I just got a button to update from Notes 4.1.1 to 4.2.0, and nothing for Contacts.

I deactivated Contacts. Then I deleted the app.
I re-installed from the App-Store.
Result: It is STILL 4.0.4, which is … I dont have words for that.
At least that did not cause any Data-loss and the GUI in the browser is working again. Still, the whole upgrade thing is weird.

OK, that seems to be my fault. Either I didn’t read thoroughly or the version number changed later in the GUI. My Apps List now shows 4.0.6 which should be fine…

Thanks. Had the same problem. Removing and reinstalling the app fixed the “problem”.