NC 20.0.2 - Upgrade File too large for PHP Limits

Hello Service Team,

I love Nextcloud and the easy way to keep it updated.

This time (NC19 -> NC20), I have the first issue, using the internal upgrade function “upgrade.phar” because the downlodable upgrade-zip-file is larger than 128MB, which is my upload-limit on my hosting-account. To get higher limits, I had to choose a higher package (4x the cost).
Upload via ftp/ssh >128MB is still possible.

So before I start discovering the hard way to upgrading manualy, I woud ask, if there is a way to convince upgrade.phar not to download the package but using a Package in a specific folder?

i think that might be possible. But only if you’d fumble around with the code of upgrade.phar itself. And let me tell you: playing around with any code is way more painful as an experience than doing the upgrade manually.

Nice sideeffect: doing upgrades manually is the safest way to update.

Hi Jimmy,

actualy, I tried to mess around with the php-code of upgrade.phar, but it seemes to compare a checksum at execution and find out about the changes and breakes the execution at this point.

Ok, then I’ll give it a try.
May the future packages are getting smaler again :wink:

Hi Jimmy,

manual upgrade was successful. Thanks for the encouragement.
Do I have to close this thread in some kind?

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