NC 19 only see 2.00 TB drive instead of 4.00 TB

after updating to NC 19 on Odroid HC2 (nextcloudpi-BTRFS), NC 19 only see 2.00 TB instead of 4.00 TB drives
When restoring to NC 18 Drive space is correct.

After a full clean flash with latest NCP image, and format (BTRFS), same problem, NC19 only see 2.00 TB
drives have their own labels as always.
Odroid HC2 firmware is up to date.

Any idea?

There is one related to NC 19 and probably a few others:

take a look if that is the same issue, contribute information if necessary or open a new report if it is not related or you are unsure. In your case it is interesting, that it was ok in NC 18 but isn’t in NC 19.

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