NC 18 With S3 as Primary Storage and Collabora usage

Hi Community,

We would like to install a new instance of collabora 18 with an S3 bucket as primary storage.
We have already tested the deployment of an instance on our bucket and it works perfectly.

But two questions arise and we have not been able to find a really clear answer:

  • Can we safely activate the default encryption module with a S3 storage ?
  • Can we use Collabora in this situation ?

Thank you in advance for your answers

Test it and find out.

Most likely yes.

@ddo start an ec2. ubuntu 18.04 ami.

but your aws credentials here:

set this to true:

and test.

which one? nextcloud or aws s3 encryption? the later should be transparent.

Thank you for your answers.
An important clarification that I forgot: the bucket will be an S3 Ceph bucket and not an AWS Amazon bucket.
To answer your question @Reiner_Nippes we would like to activate the Nextcloud encryption module by default and not that of Amazon.

i think you just have to set the variables in line 74 to 79 as well. in the inventory. i only tested it with aws s3 since i don’t have anything else around. feedback welcome. :wink:

you can setup a test instance in one script:


apt install curl sudo -y

curl -s | DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive /bin/bash
HOME=/root ansible-pull --clean --force --checkout nextcloud-reloaded -d /root/nextcloud -U nextcloud.yml \
-e "\
nextcloud_fqdn='$(curl' \
nextcloud_passwd=strenggeheim \
install_collabora=true \
nextcloud_archive= \

just put all variables you want to change in the -e " " block. hope you get the point.

I use '$(curl' when i run this in a cloud maschine using cloud-init to provide a valid server_name for nginx and the selfsigned certificate. if you have a fqdn for your server just replace it.