NC 18.03 Talk/Spreed Web - Not being able to add participants (search field, filter)

I recently updated two of three NC instances to 18.03.

On those two 18.03 instances, trying to add participants (local users) to a conversation is erratic. After having added about 4-5 internal users, I’m not able to get any further results for other users. I’m even not able to add those missing users to new conversations.

On the 18.02 instance this works well with all local users. The three instances are very divers, one is on-prem, two are on shared hosting. The NC 18.02 instance not having this issue is on the same shared hosting as the 18.03 one having this issue.

This is really bad, as I just promoted the erratic NC 18.03 instance to a quite relevant target group.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour on 18.03 with Talk 8.0.5? Try adding more than 5-6 local participants.


I somehow messed up when activating “Limit to groups” in the Talk app settings. So the solution was to make sure my user has also the same group assigned, as the users I wanted to add to the conversation. Sort of… :wink: