NC 18.0.3 Displayed quota does not correspond with quota set for user

I run a nextcloud docker container on an unraid server. Currently there is a total of 10.2 TB of free space available on the storage array. There are two users configured in nextcloud, one has got admin rights as well as an unlimited quota, the other is a regular user and has/ should have a quota of 1 TB. If I log into the admin account and go to the “Users” page the quota for the regular user seems to be right. But if I log into the regular user account and check the displayed quota on the “Files” page in the bottom left corner it says 44.2 of 191 GB. I have also double checked the settings using the correspoinding occ command and the value for the user in question is definitely 1 TB so everything tells me the quota for said user should be 1 TB. But apparently it isn’t. Any ideas how I can fix this?

P.S. There is one external storage mounted for said user (a smb share on the same unraid server) and in config.php the value ‘quota_include_external_storage’ => false, is set.

In the meantime I have updated nextcloud to 18.0.04 and the issue has disappeared. I don’t know if it was the update (and the subsequent restarts) that solved the issue or if something in the background refreshed and this lead to the value being displayed correctly. Either way the issue is gone now.