NC 16: Android Browser (Firefox, Chrome) can`t scroll

On android phones you can not scroll the webview. No matter which browser you use. Only on the small white area is it possible to scroll (marked in red). There is no problem on iPhones.
Is the bug only with me or does it affect others as well ??

Nextcloud Server 16
Debian 9, Apache Webserver
PHP 7.2

Request for feedback. Thanks!!

android huawei p9 lite

I have the same problem on my Samsung A5 android. Scrolling doesn’t work or works bad. It also happens in files view. I am also seeing “Oups, something went wrong, try to reload” in Opera browser very often since I updated from 15.0.7 to 16.0.0.

Hi, can you open an issue on Github for that and link the issue here?


Is there any news here? Is it possible to fix the error somehow?

I did some further investigation. This bug is caused by an error in the css (Stylesheets).
See linked issue for further details.

A workaround might be to manually modify the stylesheet.