NC 15 LOOL Reverse Proxy Error - can not create or edit documents

Goal: Homeserver Debian 9 with Docker NC15 + LOOL HTTPS behind Apache Reverse Proxy
Symptom: Can not create or edit LOOL Documents in NC Instance everything else works like a charme

Docker Image Nextcloud 15.0.5 stable
Docker Image LibreOffice Online 6.3 (Docker Tag: master)

LetsEncrypt Cert for FQDN okay
LetsEncrypt Cert as Sub Domain for NC Instance okay
LetsEncrypt Cert as Sub Domain for LOOL Instance okay

For debugging *** complete disabling of HTTPS *** for LOOL Docker Instance (ssl.enable=false and ssl.termination=false as Docker ENV; ssl set to disable in loolwxsd.xml with separate Volume for /etc to preserve override)

My APACHE Conf looks this:

SetEnfIf Host “^(.*)$” THE_HOST=$1
RequestHeader setifempty X-Forwarded-Proto http
RequestHeader setifempty X-Forwarded Host %{The_HOST}e

ProxyAddHeaders off
AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode
ProxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPassMatch (.*)(/websocket)$ “ws://$1$2”
ProxyPass / “
ProxyPassReverse / “

No errors appears in the apache Debug Logfile.

LOOL Instance Basics are working -IMHO-, because …

–> show wopi-dicovery XML
–> show message box “wrong or missing WOPISrc parameters” but this is okay because the NC document URL is missing.

Enabling Browser Developer Options (Firefox 65.0.1) shows me:

(Ressource Load failed caused of blocking “frame-src”)

Content Security Policy: Die Einstellungen der Seite haben das Laden einer Ressource auf blockiert (“frame-src”).

I am looking around at the filesystem of my LOOL Instance and found empty sub-dirs under the /tmp path and the “child-roots” under /opt/lool/ are successfull created. It seems to me i have to take additional settings in my APACHE Conf. I found a similar mistake in the forum and a possible solution with nginx but - shame over me - i am not able to translate this in a successfull apache syntax.

Or is there another mistake? Thanks a lot in advance!

After a lot of work …

Just say: Do it right and it works!

Mistakes was taken by myself at the apache proxy configuration. Now everything works like a charm. Feel free to contact me if i can help in case of similar probs.

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