NC 15 - Add contact - no refresh


Hi all.

When i add a new contact into the address book by the nextcloud web ui, the title of this new contact is not refresh.

The title ‘Nouveau contact’ rests and is not modified segun names informations.

See this screenshot:

(all others contacts have been added by import a file .isc)



Yes, this feature have been removed because it was requested. Though if the title says ‘New Contact’ I suppose we could directly update the full name. :slight_smile:
Could you open a new request on :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

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But, how i can validate new contact?
there is not even a button [ Save ]…

OK, it’s necessary to click on text ‘New contact’ to modify this information. surprising!


@HucSte yes, this is how you edit the displayname (it has been like that forever)
How would you have seen this to help users like you better understand they can edit the ‘new contact’ input in the header? Any idea? :slight_smile:
Always nice to have some feedback :hugs:


simply by specifying it clear in the documentation!

In the documentation, there is no mention about it anywhere!

but it is true that it would be better if the title of the contact changes with the modification of the first and last name fields, no!?

And a save button? (accessibility rules: a mention ‘datas saved’?)
really surprising!