NC 14 Login page broken?


i run a nextcloud 14 instance and something seems to be broken theme/CSS on the login page.

It seems that all fonts and forms are not able to load any css, therefor the fonts are really big, the login form is not working… is there any usefull occ command i can try?

Take a look here:

regard for quick help


quick shot (since you didn’t provide any infor about your instance, except nc 14):
have you tried different browsers?



i’ using Firefox latest version, same problem with edge.

i had am similar problem a few moth ago, but don’t remember the solution.

But it is not only a problem of themes/css/layout, the login form does not work anymore. You can enter your credentials but but the login botton does nothing…

i think i remember that this was something with the theming app. How can i reinstall this app?

from the terminal within your nextcloud directory:
sudo -u www-data php occ app:disable <app_name>
if you don’t know the exact appname of your app try app:list to find our more about all installed apps and then try and find “theming”

I found my old post regarding this problem. “Solution” was to reinstall Nextcloud. :wink:

Did so and the problem is gone…