NC 14.0.3: Can't install Metadata app of the app store

On the apps setting page in NC 14.0.3 the install button of the “Metadata App” is greyed out.

How can i enable it again to install the app?

today i learned that it’s only working with php <=7.0 . so if you’re running php >=7.1 you’ll need to wait until the app got updated

Please report to the app developer, the app is said to be compatible with php 7.0:

PHP 5.6 or later (tested with 7.0, 7.1)

seems to be bumped to php 7.2 27 days ago - i mean if i think i read that correctly there it would just need an official update in the store.

as an update to what i wrote before there is this issue under php 7.2 and seemingly you need to adjust it yourself -->

Yes it’s 7.2 in the code in the Github. It’s not fully working with 7.2 but almost. :slight_smile:

If people have time, take a look at JimmyKater’s link to issue. Scroll down to php bugreport link. Comment and vote there. Maybe we’ll get fix soon.

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