NC 13.0.1 Theme Change not working

hi, just installed a fresh 13.0.1 on ubuntu server, but when i login and want to change theme (colour) nothing happens. also the preview is not working. i have a nc 13.0 install running, where this error does not occur.

any ideas?

kind regards,


Hi Sebastian… Can’t help you but I can tell you that I have the same issue… The folders in the files list change colour but the not the header or anything else for that matter. You are the second person I have heard of with this issue…

Lets see if a fix is due on the next update

have a great day


to convey a fix devs need to know about this issue first. so has anyone filed an issue to github?

yes, i already created a ticket, sorry guys… the solution is here

Julius Härtl commented on that:

You can just change the line in apps/theming/lib/ThemingDefaults.php as shown in the diff