NC 12 & OnlyOffice on same Machine?

Is it possible to install OnlyOffice and Nextcloud itself on the same machine?

The introduction to OnlyOffice says: “Please note that ONLYOFFICE Document Server and Nextcloud must be installed on different machines, otherwise integration problems might occur.”

Is it enough to create a second vm? Or must it be another physical device?
Can the devices/vms be in the same network??

Manual setup is quite complicated and I failed getting it to work properly on one machine behind a reverse proxy (not an expert though). But with Docker container it seems to work fine. I guess a real VM should also work.

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With the docker image for Onlyoffice it is very easy to run both services on one machine.
I’d suggest to use nginx as web server, because I find it easier to configure for this purpose.

Can u give me a link to a good tutorial regarding the configuration? Normally i prefer apache because i think the structure of the .conf Files is more logical…

I have no complete tutorial for that. I just gathered the information I needed from different guides for OnlyOffice and Nextcloud.
I was already thinking about writing a guide myself. Guess I should do that soon :wink:

However I can help you out with the nginx-config, if you want to.

The Problem is that i already have apache installed for my nextcloud, my website and some other things.
But if i use a seperate vm for onlyoffice it shouldnt be a problem i use nginx for that, right?

If you install Onlyoffice on a separate server, I believe you have to use nginx, because apache is not supported by Onlyoffice - at least that was the case in the past.
Krischan is right. When using Docker it doesn’t matter which browser forwards the traffic. It was absolute nonsense what I wrote :sweat_smile:

With Onlyoffice in a separate VM it should work fine as well. You only need to figure out then, how to configure your the proxy - which can be your apache - and forward the requests to the docker image.

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The OnlyOffice docker image includes Nginx and the easiest is to run it on a custom port and connect through that. You can of course also reverse-proxy it with another Nginx (or Apache, I guess).

I am currently trying to get it working with Traefik ( ), which is a really nice reverse-proxy that directly interacts with Docker and also automates SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. However, while Apache works fine out of the box behind Traefik, I am facing some issues with Nginx. Anyone has a suggestion what could be the problem with reverse-proxying a Nginx Docker container?

I also tried Collabora with the Docker Image & Reverse Proxy, but i didnt get it running…
Now thats why i want to try OnlyOffice now, but im trying to avoid the Reverse Proxy…

Ok, i now got the Onlyoffice Docker Container running and can connect via browser.
But Nextcloud is ojly accepting it with activated https… I already have the cert, how do i connect it to the docker container… I only know how to accomplish this with a normal apache host…
I didnt make an extra vm, but its working anyway :slight_smile:

I know this is an old question BUT the answer is “YES”.

I have onlyoffice AND Nextcloud running on the same physical device, but they are both running in separate Virtual Machines (I use LXC containers as they are practically as fast as bare metal).

My two installs are accessed via separate sub-domains ( and It works!

My biggest issue was directing the HTTP and HTTPS traffic. which I did using haproxy as I am just not smart enough to configure nginx and apache2: I have haproxy as the fast server at the front of my system, and it send traffic to my Nextcloud, onlyoffice and Wordpress site.

Anyone going through the learning cycle that’s desperate for help…feel free to message me. If I can help, I will.

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I gave up on this and used haproxy to direct ALL web traffic LAN-side. I run it in a separate lxc virtual machine and it’s amazingly simple to configure.

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ok that sounds nice i think i will try haproxy.