NC 12 impressions

OwnCloud user, then NextCloud for several years, I think I’ll give up because every new update brings new problems. As it has become an habit, the local update works pretty much, but updating on a server does not work and destroys the whole environment. So I do a ‘new’ installation (which I had to start again twice, I do not know why). As usual, my applications “DavDroid” on my phone no longer work, no more than synchronizatio, and I very quickly get a very large nextcloud.log file :

Le PHP Opcache n’est pas correctement configuré.
L’en-tête HTTP “X-XSS-Protection” n’est pas configurée pour être égale à "1; (This problem has existed for years and causes the .htaccess file to be modified)
Zend OPcache can’t be temporary enabled (it may be only disabled till the end of request) at Unknown#0 (log every 30 seconds !!!)
And more … and more …

I work on a shared server and I can not modify the php.ini !
I am completely discouraged: every new version, these are hours of perspective work. I think I’ll go back to Google!
PHP 7.0.15
mysql Version : 5.5.55
Hosting server : OVH Pro

Why not fix that issue here by getting a vserver? It’s as cheap as webspace nowadays btw.

Speaking as someone who maintains 4 major versions of Nextcloud as demo servers and a few personal installs, I can’t relate to this at all. On not one major or minor update have I had more than perhaps 20 minutes of configuration to check/edit/test.[quote=“jbyvosges, post:1, topic:13582”]
I work on a shared server and I can not modify the php.ini !

Then ask your provider to do so, and if that’s not possible, run your own server. OVH do a nice VPS, Kimsufi (OVH) do a nice dedicated server. Both are reasonably priced. Equally do a cheap container server and Amazon’s new “Lightsail” might offer what you want, too.

I’m sure I’d be disheartened if I tried to administer a solution requiring occasional modifications to areas of a server I had no control over, but that’s not really a Nextcloud issue so much as the provider you go with; definitely needs to be considered before signing up with anyone.

If you want to opt for the self-controlled server option but don’t feel comfortable setting it up, plenty of us here will be happy to work through it with you, and there are many guides, including one I’ve written, to help get it all up and running.

Good luck!

I have an account at my web host since 10 years and I have many websites at home, not just NextCloud. I will not change everything just for NC.

I changed my configuration file to:
‘loglevel’ => 4,
‘log_rotate_size’ => ‘10485760’, (10 Mo)

I understand that a message such as “Zend OPcache can not be temporary enabled” may be of interest, but reading it 10,000 times does not advance the solution!

That said, my reaction yesterday was a hypodermic negative reaction after a long time trying to solve the problems and I must agree that the developers do a great job that deserves thanks and encouragement.


I guess that comes down to how often it checks (and, indeed, the log level you opt for. Debugging by default I think is too high as mentioned here) but since it’s key to ensuring the NC server runs as best it can I can understand why it’d be repeated.

You shouldn’t need to change everything based on how you have things setup. If you’ve got the infra at home to run it rather than via OVH and are familiar with containers or virtualisation: docker, LXD, KVM, etc - then it’s super easy to spin something up with the environment and settings you require.

Personal experience:

I rent a cheap kimsufi.
I am not a professional admin nor do I have time for it, so… I installed Yunohost.
Installing NC is then straightforward and updates are nice and smooth.
Bonus for free: mail and XMPP servers all pre-configured.

And if you don’t like Yunohost, there are other alternatives. Bottom line is anyone can get his NC instance without effort. Think about it:
-Give up on NC… and give your private life to Google?
-Get it on another server in minutes
Which sounds the most appealing?
Of course, I am not you, so maybe you’ll see it in a different way.

As for NC: keep up the good work, folks! It’s very appreciated!

You might also want to try one of these providers since some of them offer managed Nextcloud instances. So you don’t even have to care about updates anymore. :slight_smile:

As a sidenote: Personally, I wouldn’t randomly pick one of the providers, since some of them seem better/more professional than others. Unfortunately due to lacking personal experience with any of the hosts, I can’t recommend one specific.

Hello !
Finally, with a loglevel of 4, my log file does not grow too much. The error messages on the administration page are not too restrictive.
I manage 6 websites other than NextCloud at the same host provider and, apart from the small problems of configuration of php to which I do not have access, I remain satisfied of this host.
Thank you to all the NC team and sorry for my little ‘mug’
(I hope you understand my bad English)

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