NC 12: Error when importing ics file with more than one event


whenever I try to import an ics file which contains more than one event, the import fails. It doesn’t matter where the ics file originates from, NC doesn’t even except its own exported files as you can easily test:

  • go to NC GUI and create a new calendar
  • create some events
  • export the calendar to a local file
  • in NC call “import” and try to import the downloaded/exported file back as a new calendar

-> the import will fail!

This is more then weird, because NC should take back what NC exports, shouldn’t it?

Now edit the local file manually and delete every event but the first one by deleting every Block of “BEGIN:VEVENT” and “END:VEVENT” after the first one. Mmake sure not to delete the last line in that file: “END:VCALENDAR”

Once more go to NC GUI and import the edited file into a new calendar and NC will import the file without any complaining!

When I import the original exported (unedited) ics file into Thunderbird/Lightning, there’s no error at all and TBird synchronises all events to NC as it is supposed to happen. So this import error seems to concern the GUI only, not the WebDAV stuff.