NC 12, Android 1.4.3 duplicate photo sync/upload

Either I’m doing something seriously wrong, or there’s still a photo sync issue. After I (manually, via Gallery-share-to-Nextcloud) uploaded my existing photos, the client tries to re-upload all my photos over and over again, creating “filename (2).jpg”, “filename (3).jpg” etc.

NC 12.0.0/stable (but also happened in 11.0.3-stable) on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Android client version 1.4.3
Samsung S8+ with Android v7.0 (Verizon, patch-date April 1, 2017)

App’s Storage-Path: “/storage/1234-67AB(some ID)/Android/data/com.nextcloud.client/files”

Auto Upload settings: /storage//DCIM/Camera
Remote folder: “/Photos/Camera
Original file will be: kept in original folder
"cloud” icon is “blue” for auto-upload
(additional folders like screenshots etc. are configured the same, just the paths are different)

Android’s “Settings -> Account -> Nextcloud -> Sync Files” is on

What am I doing wrong? Or what part of the manual / forum did I miss?


@mario being the auto upload expert, do you have an idea. Afaik the mechanism will get an overhaul under the hood with the next release (1.5.0)

Is this auto upload at all? @Dragon, is this manual upload or Auto upload?

But indeed … a lot of things will change in 1.5 regarding this.

Oh, it’s very automatic :slight_smile:
After a weekend, I checked and I had an abundance of “pic.jpg”, “pic (2).jpg”, “pic (3).jpg”… Thank goodness for being able to search filter by “(”!

Thanks for overhauling things in 1.5.0 - I shall patiently wait


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