NC 11 failed to sync files with long names

I have a lot files with really long names (its a business need). Got the next error:

fopen(/var/www/nextcloud/data/{usernanme}/files/Projects/Active-Открытие/Arch/{SENSITIVE.LONG-LONG-LONG.NAME} (668881 v15).docx.ocTransferId1355596274.part): failed to open stream: File name too long at /var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php#287

Installed on Ubuntu - ext4

Need support to solve

If you want enterprise support:

I’m not sure about the chosen limits but I think they were chosen in a way that you don’t run into problems with any file system used in current operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux). Does it work via web-interface, so only if the .ocTransferId1355596274.part is added during chunking via client, the file name gets too long?