NC 10 beta - integrity check failed

I have one error which i don’t get resolved (i had also some others, but all other get fixed):

`Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • user_ldap
      • l10n/fa.json

Raw output

[user_ldap] => Array
[l10n/fa.json] => Array
[expected] => 6b96b3e14967d5499a7ebe5cac45476a54454443a058bb87784ff03ffe49905a0bd109cf876ad9ab17ad299e7ca78e35e42d41117f60b3c1c72c2ffbef253762
[current] => 0d8ca85e832b4e12b98ca28cb4ad9a93e43d8e69ccd75fa20a6b1ec9c2ca13b3897ff9da299c2f0867961ebc551e5ef89f85ec474d0bb93e541e3a2f930fc16f




I have downloaded a latest file and tried also files from current release stable - this error get not resolved - i hope somebody can help, thanks in advance :wink:

Did you transfer the file via FTP?

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Yes i have uploaded everything with ftp, because i don’t get the OCC command working in command line ssh

I had different files which had a problem, also were 2 files missing in download pkg - i get every file resolved excepting the above mentioned - i have done this today with new download files with webftp (pydio), no filezilla - before deleted old files, then uploaded the fresh files from download before

Hi, thank you tflidd for this tip.
I had the same problem, seeing that some files copied with Filezilla and failing the integrity check had a different size from the original.
I used FireFTP, a Firefox add-on, the copied files were then correct.
But glad to know how to solve this in Filezilla :wink: