Nautilus: Drag and drop of a file in a davs:// mount copies the file instead of moving it


I have set my Nextcloud “online account” in Ubuntu 20.04 which mounts my files to this path davs://<ip>/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/<username> in Nautilus.

I see a weird behavior: if I move a file from one directory to a sub-directory by drag and drop, the file is copied to the sub-directory instead of moved (thus creating a duplicate)!

This does not happen if I CTRL+X the file, enter the sub-directory and CTRL+V the file (the file is moved correctly in this case).

Are you experimenting the same behavior? I am on Nextcloud 20.0. Do you know any fix?

Thanks for any help!

Your issue is related to Nautilus if I understand it correctly, or?

I don’t know if this behavior is limited to Nautilus only or by the way webdav is implemented in Nextcloud. For example if I connect to google drive via webdav, there is no way to move a file at all and I receive the error “Operation unsupported”! So I guess google implemented webdav differently.

I have no Windows / Mac machine to test with Nextcloud, this is why I ask here

It happens also on Mac Os client 3.5.4, when moving files from one folder to another, sometimes they are “copied”.

Are you sure that you were moving the files inside the same WebDAV mount? Or is it possible that you have mounted your Nextcloud multiple times, and you are maybe moving these files from one WebDAV mount to the other? Or maybe you have the desktop client installed and were moving the files from the local synchronisation target to the WebDAV mount or vice versa?

Sorry if I am OT. It happens with the nextcloud client, not with webdav mount, and it is a big mess.

In addition, our client 3.5.4 on mac are erasing randomly files on the filesystems, not deleting the files, but wiping the content.

On the server there are many files with zero size (obtained with ls -l directly on the directory) while the web interface indicates the proper size. I am losing a lot of files, but I have backups.

Since it seems incredible to me, I am going to reinstall nextcloud on a fresh server, and then again the client.