Nautilus: Drag and drop of a file in a davs:// mount copies the file instead of moving it


I have set my Nextcloud “online account” in Ubuntu 20.04 which mounts my files to this path davs://<ip>/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/<username> in Nautilus.

I see a weird behavior: if I move a file from one directory to a sub-directory by drag and drop, the file is copied to the sub-directory instead of moved (thus creating a duplicate)!

This does not happen if I CTRL+X the file, enter the sub-directory and CTRL+V the file (the file is moved correctly in this case).

Are you experimenting the same behavior? I am on Nextcloud 20.0. Do you know any fix?

Thanks for any help!

Your issue is related to Nautilus if I understand it correctly, or?

I don’t know if this behavior is limited to Nautilus only or by the way webdav is implemented in Nextcloud. For example if I connect to google drive via webdav, there is no way to move a file at all and I receive the error “Operation unsupported”! So I guess google implemented webdav differently.

I have no Windows / Mac machine to test with Nextcloud, this is why I ask here