MySQL ver 8.0.26 CANT ERASE FILES..... command wrong?

I’ve been trying to fix a problem with my Nextcloud installation in a BSD 12.2 jail. The jail runs in TrueNAS (very latest version) and the configuration is as follows:

Apache 2.4.51
PHP 7.4
MySQL 8.0.26 for BSD 12.2

It’s on a Proliant DL380eGen8 machine (likely not involved) and runs fine with the exception the files cannot be deleted.

After over a month of digging every day for a few hours… I have determined the problem to be related to the MySQL 8.0.26. As I was working on MySQL I discovered that a few of the commands previously usable were no longer valid. This brought me to the conclusion that it was at fault.

I am in way over my head on this, and wish for someone with greater understanding to test my scenario. if you use FAMP/ at master · Adminbyaccident/FAMP · GitHub in a Truenas jail, you will have an identical scenario. CAUTION THE openssl has a flaw which fails to produce both required files… I ran the openssl commands again in terminal mode, and repaired the problem.

At this point if I were a betting man I’d put in for the command being different and nextcloud not having the proper code.

PLEASE someone help me with this… Cloud works fine with this exception… CAN’T ERASE files.