MySQL or SQLite being used? pdo_mysql is installed

Nextcloud version: 14
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Apache or nginx version : Current Apache
PHP version: 7.2

In trying to install the software, I am being told that only MySQL / MariaDB is available, but then there is a warning under the SQL credential input that SQLite will be used at the database. Does this mean when I input my MySQL details, it will use MySQL, or will it try to use SQLite? pdo_mysql is in fact installed. I want to make sure that this will in fact not use SQLite as I have about 30GB worth of data that I store (moved servers and changed things around, re-installing NC).

Have you got a screenshot? I would imagine that if you enter your MySQL details, it’ll use MySQL.

Figures, the error message about SQLite is now gone (I haven’t touched anything in the 8 hours I’ve been at work). I will have to assume that it’s going to use MySQL then since it tells me:

Only MySQL/MariaDB is available. Install and activate additional PHP modules to choose other database types.

The error message did not show while I was on my laptop at work, but it still shows the message while on my desktop.

I think what it is trying to tell you is what you already guessed! If you don’t enter any information in the above input fields, it will create a SQLite db in your NC folder and use this as database. If you do however enter the correct data to your MySQL / Maria DB, it will use this and create all tables in there.

In fact I just went through my installation steps (created a little documentation at the time of installation) and I had exactly the same screen as your screenshot is showing. I just entered my MySQL data and it did indeed create tables in my MySQL database. No SQLite db has been created.

I’m curious as to why this is shown like this. This warning should only pop up if you attempt to install without any database information, otherwise it acts as a conflicting message.

I haven’t got another project at the moment, so I can’t test it myself. What happens if you fill in the input fields? Does the message disappear?

If not, I guess this should be reported as bug, so either the text can or the behavior can be changed.

The message was there as soon as the page was loaded. It was strange that it did not appear on my laptop, but it did on my desktop (and I believe my phone). I’ll have to put in an issue.