MySQL/MariaDB is not supported in this script anymore

I am attempting to update to 21.0.1 with ‘sudo bash /var/scripts/’ and am receiving the following error:

Nextcloud is installed on ubuntu 20. I believe this was originally installed using mysql, but has since been migrated to an external postgresql database.

Not sure how to proceed.

Hey @botezaca

As the message states, you need to get in touch with the guys from Hanssonit to get this sorted.

Maybe @enoch85 can shed some light, with some simple steps (if possible)

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If you successfully installed PostgreSQL and feel safe to remove MySQL, then do that and the error will go away.

Ubuntu 20.04 is PostgreSQL by default in the VM btw.

Interesting enough… mysql is not currently installed.

Looks like the was one package ( not sure which one ) for mariadb that was still installed.

mariadb-common* still existed. Looks like the upgrade is continuing. Thanks

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